That was quite a storm lat night. I was moving on getting the animals in the barn. The garden survived okay, with some damage to sunflowers, tomatoes, and the last of the corn.

Our corn was mostly eaten by worms…this was because it didn’t tassle by the 4th of July. We had to plant it late due to weather, hopefully we’ll all be able to enjoy some sweet corn next year.

The wet weather will not help the tomatoes, but it is what it is. Our area needed the rain worse than we needed tomatoes, I guess. We are doing the best we can to save the tomatoes from the blight, but it is effecting the tomatoes in Swallow field as well.

This is referring to the tomato blight that is effecting all kinds of farms all over the Eastern US. The price of tomatoes has already gone up.

We are selling NO tomatoes to the general public. All tomatoes are for our CSA and our use only.

And on a bright note…our sweet Goose can fly!!!!!