Well, as soon as I get the technology figured out, I’ll be posting pictures of Spring at Clover Wreath. The greenhouse is half full of plants just waiting for the weather to settle its mind.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are definitely out in front of the other plants, continuing to grow despite the cold. And our own Clover Wreath Farm’s Cherokee Purple seed is even more determined. It is true, seed that comes from your own field or garden will give you plants that are adapting to your soil, weather, pest problems, and etc.

We sold at the Farmers’ Market (Chattanooga’s South Side- Main and Williams, Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.)  Our CSA starts in eight weeks. (June 4th) It is most exciting time of the year but also the most nerve wracking.

We are draining our pastures and gardens, digging new ditches and the like to try to get things dry enough to plant. (You can seriously mess up your soil if you start mucking about in it.)

More pictures and videos of the farm to come soon…