Well, as soon as I get the technology figured out, I’ll be posting pictures of Spring at Clover Wreath. The greenhouse is half full of plants just waiting for the weather to settle its mind.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes are definitely out in front of the other plants, continuing to grow despite the cold. And our own Clover Wreath Farm’s Cherokee Purple seed is even more determined. It is true, seed that comes from your own field or garden will give you plants that are adapting to your soil, weather, pest problems, and etc.

We sold at the Farmers’ Market (Chattanooga’s South Side- Main and Williams, Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.)  Our CSA starts in eight weeks. (June 4th) It is most exciting time of the year but also the most nerve wracking.

We are draining our pastures and gardens, digging new ditches and the like to try to get things dry enough to plant. (You can seriously mess up your soil if you start mucking about in it.)

More pictures and videos of the farm to come soon…



We are thrilled to be entering our fourth CSA season! Improving soils, improving stock, improving community and environment.

Please let me know if you want to become part of the Clover Wreath CSA!


Hello everyone! You expressed an interest in being members of the 2011 CSA.

The cost is $378, unless you pass the entire balance when the payments are due in January. In the latter case, your are charges $358. Less bookkeeping for me, so less charge for you.

A deposit of $100 in required to hold your spot.

I need to order seeds and supplies in January, so every early payment is appreciated.

Otherwise, 3 payments are due January 1, March 1, and May1.
I apologize but our Dairy CSA is full. And the feed cost is just to high to be able to sell eggs to the public again.

Pick ups will be half in Chattanooga at our Main Street Market Wednesdays 4-6 p.m. and with the other half will pick up at Clover Wreath on Saturday 10-12 p.m.

Contact me directly if you need the address for mailing a check.

If the bees do well, you will also get a jar of honey to go with your vegetables this summer.

Remember to act fast, the CSA is almost full now!

In Good Eating,

Dear Supporters,
I am excited to announce the grant awarded to our Sustainable Ag Farmers’ Association and Co-op.
To quote my husband: “Gaining Ground’s funding support for our regional farmer’s cooperative will help smaller production farmers like myself learn from each other, access resources and tap into larger outlets to share our products with consumers.”
Butch is now spending a year investigating different methods and business practices used by other Farmers’ Associations while putting some things in place to benefit farmers and the Chattanooga area.
You can find out more about the grants here:
So for the next year, we are going to be focusing on the success of the Farmers’ Association and Co-op. I can think of no better way to ensure good food for everyone in our area in the long term.
I have cut back on the gardens and I will only be doing one market for this season. I won’t be doing a Farmstand or pick ups from our farm this season.
I am very grateful to Dave Waters of River Ridge Farms, who tilled our gardens this year. (Dave has delicious chicken, pork, and beef for sale at the Main St Farmers’ Market…) And to my uncle, Garry Murray, who fixed our tractor which was in two pieces at plowing time.

We will not have produce of a significant amount until later in June. It was a late start at best this year. We will keep everyone updated as the crops come in.

Hello all!
I hope this finds you enjoying Spring in the finest way!
I am encouraging some of our wonderful members to consider becoming CSA members of The Greenway Table here in Cleveland. For more information: http://www.thegreenwaytable.org
This is a great way to support our community and get great food!
At your convenience, please email me with your email, phone number, and address. A Facebook message hacked into our computers and has caused quite a bit of file corruption. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support of health, your community, and the environment through local, sustainable agriculture!

Dear Friends,

Due to the amount of rain and lack of sun, we are cancelling our Harvest Party set for October 24th. We are really disappointed, as this was going to be the bright spot of our year this year.

We would party in the mud, but your cars and our fields would not appreciate it. Our fields and driveway have been flooded like they haven’t been in decades and we just don’t have enough room for everyone to park and turn around!

Even if we have no more rain, it is terribly unlikely that we will be dry enough for ample parking and drive space.

Again, we are so sorry to disappoint everyone, especially the kids.

Here’s hoping for a fine party next year!


Time for the fall Chicken Sale at Clover Wreath Farm!

For info, please visit: http://www.cloverwreath.com/ChickensforSale.html

We have laying hens, roosters, and chicks for sale but ONLY by prior arrangement. Please do not just show up. Please email ahead and make arrangements for pick-up.

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