Dear Supporters,
I am excited to announce the grant awarded to our Sustainable Ag Farmers’ Association and Co-op.
To quote my husband: “Gaining Ground’s funding support for our regional farmer’s cooperative will help smaller production farmers like myself learn from each other, access resources and tap into larger outlets to share our products with consumers.”
Butch is now spending a year investigating different methods and business practices used by other Farmers’ Associations while putting some things in place to benefit farmers and the Chattanooga area.
You can find out more about the grants here:
So for the next year, we are going to be focusing on the success of the Farmers’ Association and Co-op. I can think of no better way to ensure good food for everyone in our area in the long term.
I have cut back on the gardens and I will only be doing one market for this season. I won’t be doing a Farmstand or pick ups from our farm this season.
I am very grateful to Dave Waters of River Ridge Farms, who tilled our gardens this year. (Dave has delicious chicken, pork, and beef for sale at the Main St Farmers’ Market…) And to my uncle, Garry Murray, who fixed our tractor which was in two pieces at plowing time.

We will not have produce of a significant amount until later in June. It was a late start at best this year. We will keep everyone updated as the crops come in.